Sexual orientation can be confusing for some. As an intuitive coach, I have had many clients ask, “Am I gay? Am I Bi? Am I non-sexual? Nothing fits me!” The patterns in a person are not always apparent, especially if the individual has not come to terms with their self-identity. A surprising new trend has been presenting itself over the last several years. I termed it Omni-Sexual.

The intuitive pattern of the Omni-Sexual is unique in that the individual falls in love with the person with the inside rather than the outside package. This type of connection is beautiful because it eliminates all judgment. It allows only the true essence of the individual to be experienced. The outside body becomes immaterial.

Omni – which means: all; of all things; fits this type of individual best. They are all into the person rather than the physicality. They may be in love with the same sex partner and experience it fully. Then the next great love may be an individual from the opposite sex. The Omni-Sexual wants deep connection and is loyal to the relationship as long as it lasts – which could be a lifetime.

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