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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I ever meet the right person?

The more you like who you are, the better the person you will attract. If you feel unloved, you will set yourself up for two possible scenarios: The first, you attract someone who wants to fix you. The second, you attract no one. Go inside to change you and watch your world changes.

I hate conflict so I usually give in. How can I change that?

Conflict happens when two or more present their view at the same time.  Without letting go of your own needs, search for answers through only one view vs pushing back with yours. Use questions to direct others towards a understanding or a change of mind.

I'm told I can be too dominating. Why can't I see that in myself?

We communicate with all of our body, not just with the words we use. The tone, volume of one’s voice can trigger another in a good or bad way. What speaks loudest is what one is feeling in the moment. Whatever you feel DOES get conveyed. The more you suppress it, the louder it becomes. Note how you feel prior to communicating.

Can you predict my future?

No, I am not a psychic. Your future is directly influenced by your choices. Helping you make better choices or identify what rules your choices can be more valuable. Hearing a possible future that may or may not happen because of free-will may help some, but often sets one up for failure. They forget to choose the right path to make it happen.


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