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Personal Coach

Intuition is neither right nor wrong; it is simply the process of interrupting impressions that are presented. The  process is quick, fluid, and dynamic.

I love how the intuitive process unfolds and presents options for the client to consider.  Through a nonjudgmental view of what information the body holds; such as perceptions, patterns, and truths; the session uncovers both an individual’s most positive attributes and negative patterns that keep one stuck. I realized early on that it is not enough to “tell” another what I get, rather it is equally important for an understanding and tools to help move the negativity out of the way. With over 25 years of professionally intuiting, I have many tools and experiences to help you achieve your goals. If you are ready then…

My Story

How I Got Started

For most of my life, I’d say that I’ve been overly sensitive. The most troublesome part was not understanding what was happening and why I was responding in different ways.

Now I realize and understand I was acting out the unprocessed emotions of others. The day I realized just because I was influenced by others emotions, it didn’t mean it was my responsibility to process them. That was the most freeing day ever. From that moment on I stopped “feeling for others” and started understanding what others were feeling without taking it on or personalizing it.

For those who have always been overly sensitive, I encourage them to realize that being sensitive doesn’t have to be a curse. It is often a wonderful and exciting gift.

I am happy to provide help to others through my unique coaching process.





"Discover the best parts of you."

Barbara Rasor, H.H.P.

"Go though the pain of change. It's worth it."

Barbara Rasor, H.H. P.

"Reach for you goals and let go of your past"

Barbara Rasor, H.H.P.

What I Do

Personal individualized coaching sessions and how we get started. 

Define your goals, book a session, and send an email to highlights. When we meet via phone or in person, I will be ready to help you transform. In each session, my goal is to identify the root cause and offer tools to help release energy blocks. Sessions are recorded, however recordings are not guaranteed.

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  • barb@intuitive-coaching.com
  • (803) 439-3921  Leave a voicemail so that your # isn’t blocked.

Questions Most Asked 

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