Dicitonary.com defines intuition as a direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process. But there are two basic kinds of intuition, and as an intuitive coach, I utilize both types of information. Right-brain intuition generates feelings, and Left-brain communicates with Guides, Angels, God.

Body-Centered Intuition
The gestalt brain (usually the right hemisphere) and is referred to as the female brain. Feminine energies are traditionally guided by the heart and create a connection to truth. In this type of intuiting, the intuitive’s body will experience all that the other person has going on in their own body. Sensations such as shallow breath, anger, happy, headache, patterns, perceptions, stories, feeling, etc. The intuitive’s next step is to language the change.

Mind-Centered Intuition
The second type of intuitive processes is through the logical brain (usually the left hemisphere). The left brain is often referred to as the male connection and creates a relationship between self and higher self: God, angels, guides. Instead of body sensations, it uses words, understanding, images, sounds that suddenly pop into the mind. Often the information surprises the person and allows them to enter into a new state of knowingness or understanding.

Intuition is NOT a thought process. If there is any pressure in the head then it is no longer an intuitive hit, it is instead a thought that occurs, and an opinion given. It is essential to know when it is Right-brain or Left-brain information vs. one’s own opinion.

Both types of intuitive processes are needed. As an example: it is essential to check in with the gestalt brain when presenting something the client’s guides say. This ensures that the client doesn’t have a block in executing a new idea or direction. If a part of self is blocked, then what is presented may not happen. Using intuition correctly can clear the blocks and open the door to choice.